building excitement

As we approach our second workshop of the year, there is a tremendous energy around Sympatico.  From the ASO side of things, guest artists arrive this weekend and a final push regarding Thursday’s concert at the Torpedo Factory (at which we’ll unveil our new logo!) is kicking into high gear.  At John Adams, ensuring that our spaces are ready and prepared for next week is of the highest priority.

Putting together a workshop such as this one builds excitement.  The opportunity to bring together students, international and local artists, ASO board members and staff, John Adams community members, folks from the greater Alexandria area, and other interested individuals means that the energy of the coming days is palpable.  With so much on the horizon, now is a good opportunity for a brief moment of reflection.

What is so powerful about this particular workshop, Creative Connections, is the idea that young people can create and compose their own music.  Throughout the week, they are going to be making artistic and inspired choices that our workshop leaders will help stitch together into numerous compositions.  Guided by the workshop leaders, our students will be taking risks and creating new, unheard works of art.  Indeed, Sympatico thrives on creating safe spaces within which students can take the risks necessary to engage in this creative process.

Students will produce small moments of particular rhythms, harmonies, or melodies that will then be integrated into larger compositions.  Hearing or recognizing these musical elements gives students the confidence to know that they have contributed to a wider goal, creating something new in the process.  Creative Connections lets our students see themselves as the inspiration behind the music.  At the end of the day, whether in this week or otherwise, they are at the heart of it all.


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