creative connections

Today was an exciting day at Sympatico, as we brought together all of our ensembles for some creative composition work – on a day that the rest of the school’s students were off, no less!  JABBA, Keetman, Orff, Strings at Sunrise, and Singing Eagles began developing pieces that focus on the idea and theme of “dreams.”  What are they?  How do we experience them?  What do they sound and feel like?  Our students wrestled with these and other questions that will continue to serve as inspiration for the remainder of our week.

Led by the Creative Connections team of Dan, Heather, Liza, and Sam, students began as one large group before breaking into their ensembles.  Dan worked with the Singing Eagles to develop some lyrics that will become a part our performance this week.  Heather played cello alongside the Strings at Sunrise, working to create some new melodic lines.  Sam and Liza developed rhythmic and harmonic phrases with Orff, Keetman, and JABBA.

As the process unfolds and we continue to create music, these small parts will come together.  They will be shaped and formed into larger works, in preparation for our concert at the Torpedo Factory on Thursday at 6 PM.  There, students will perform the work they have developed this week as well as songs from their regular repertoire.  We hope that you can join us for what is sure to be an exciting and music-filled evening!


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