realizing dreams

Sympatico concluded its immense week of composition and creativity with two concerts in two days, one last night at the Torpedo Factory and one this morning for the entire John Adams community.  Students performed works that they have been working on over the course of the semester, across all ensembles.  These included JABBA‘s version of The Cup Game, a performance of Tuimbe by the Singing Eagles, the Orff Ensemble classic Street Song, and Rustic Dance performed by Strings at Sunrise.  Showcasing the work that our students have done over the course of the semester is always an exciting endeavor.

Even more exciting was the world debut of our Creative Connections piece titled Into Dreams.  The students of Sympatico developed the piece over the course of the week, a process facilitated and led by our guest artists Dan Trahey, Heather Truesdall, Liza Barley, and Sam Mumford.  This four-person team encouraged our students to think about their own dreams and what those dreams might look and sound like, turning our musical instruments into a blank canvas for creativity.  The Creative Connections work that took place this week is at the heart of Sympatico’s mission, in which we seek to create safe spaces for students to take risks while promoting their place in an interdependent ensemble.

After an immense week of creativity, music, and performance, it is worth reminding ourselves of the commitment that we make to our students every day.  When working on intensely creative activities, tensions can rise and challenges can emerge.  As new ideas are forwarded, some are adopted and others are discarded.  It is, however, the act of forwarding an idea that must be encouraged, regardless of whether or not it is eventually adopted.  When students present an idea, they are taking a risk.  When another student builds on that previous idea, we are harnessing the collective power of the group and ensemble to develop something new.  Throughout the week, there were numerous examples of this type of experience.  It is something that we cherish at Sympatico.

Ultimately, this workshop reminds us of all that is good about Sympatico: risk-taking, a multicultural community, interdependence, music, and creativity.  Let’s continue the energy and momentum as we look for more opportunities to bring our community together.


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