the end-of-the-year rush

As Sympatico ends its first full academic year in business, things could not be more exciting.  Between now and June 19 (the last day of school for ACPS), Sympatico’s ensembles will perform 4 times: our final concert of the year on June 12 at JAES (with an associated in-school performance for the student body) and at the Circus Extravaganza on June 16 (with an associated in-school performance, as well).  Surely, there’s going to be a barnstorming finish to the school year.

A number of the pieces that we’ll be performing are Sympatico arrangements or originals.  These include JABBA‘s medley of Drumming Eagle and The Cup Song, an arrangement of Bastille’s Pompeii as performed by the Singing Eagles and JABBA, an original composition for Keetman and Strings at Sunrise titled 1-4-7, and a few others (we can’t give away all our secrets, now can we?).

Beyond the upcoming concerts, we’re looking forward to next year as well.  Sign-up sheets (and in Spanish) for participation in next year’s ensembles have already gone out, which are flowing back in.  It’s very exciting to see student and parent interest in the program, as well as in participating.  Of course, we could always use more students – feel free to let other members of the JAES community know!


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