learning as we go

Strings at Sunrise director Lindsey Serrao and Sympatico Director Asif Majid journeyed up to Yale this weekend, attending the Yale Symposium on Music in Schools.  At the Symposium, Sympatico was honored by being named a Yale Distinguished Music Education Partnership.  The award demonstrates Sympatico’s excellence and foresight, despite its youth.  Sympatico found itself among numerous other partnerships that were receiving national attention for similar work in keeping music in the schools, and the program showcased its high quality and teaching ability.

Numerous participants came to Sympatico’s staff, inquiring as to the ways in which our partnership thrives.  There were questions of cultural translation, given our large international population; inquiries about how to be humble when serving others, given our community-inspired focus; and conversations about creativity, given our emphasis on composition and student-centered learning.  Simultaneously, Sympatico’s staff learned a great deal about regional partnerships that we can collaborate with, as well as best next steps.

All of this comes back to our students, who are joining us in learning as we go.  This morning, the Keetman Ensemble and Strings at Sunrise held a joint rehearsal as we prepare for our upcoming concert (this Friday!).  As we ran through all of our repertoire, there were mistakes.  There was one student, in particular, made a mistake in our mini-performance.  However, the student’s response was something amazing: looking to a neighbor, the student figured out what was going wrong, self-corrected, and got back on track – without any teacher or instructor assistance.

Such moments are what Sympatico is all about.  This student understood, innately, that mistakes are possible and allowed.  How we respond to them and how we gather support from those around us, however, is what makes excellence possible.  In that way, we are learning as we go.


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