flash mob!

After taking a break for the summer, Sympatico is back with a bang. All of Sympatico’s morning groups are running, as is Singing Eagles in the afternoons. We’ve also brought Andrew Bawden on board as the instructor for our Keetman Ensemble, which gives us great strength in preparing students for placement in our Orff Ensemble.

This morning, Orff decided to go on a little adventure. Somehow, the idea arose that music should be out and about, rather than remaining only in the classroom. Naturally, the students and the program were jazzed about the possibility. They took their instruments on the road (not literally) and began performing around the school. As students and staff arrived for the day, they found music emanating from all kinds of unlikely places. Orff performed outside the front office for the administrative staff, outside the Clinic for the nurse, in the 1st grade wing, in the Kindergarten wing, and in the gym for students waiting for the day to begin.

As an El Sistema-inspired program, Sympatico believes in frequent performance opportunities and bringing music to as diverse an audience as possible. By ensuring that students perform as often as possible, we allow students to become more confident in their abilities and less worried about being themselves in front of others. The less concerned they are about being themselves, the more we celebrate their individual identity as part of a group.

Lesson learned: more flash mobs.