Sympatico teachers travel to Baltimore

Before spring break, Sympatico’s Wes McCune and Emily Smith traveled to Baltimore to collaborate with teachers and students from Baltimore’s OrchKids program. During this week-long project, McCune and Smith worked with other professional musicians from Baltimore, Chicago, Boston, and London to help students create multiple original songs based on the theme “Leaps and Gaps.”

“It was very interesting to present the idea of leaps and gaps to such a diverse group of students in Baltimore. I was amazed at how many different ideas came from the children when we discussed our theme. Kids talked about reasons you might need to leap, for example, over puddles or gaps in a sidewalk, to ways to use bridges to connect people on different sides of a gap, to gaps and differences they see in their every day lives. Even more amazing were the students’ abilities to turn these thoughts into amazing music, without much influence from the adult teachers in the project.” ~Emily Smith

From left to right: Smith conducts the audience and students in the concert’s finale. McCune accompanies students in their performance of an original song. Smith conducts students singing original lyrics. Photo credit: Colin Sorgi