Way Back Wednesday

This week, Sympatico takes a walk down memory lane to reflect on students’ very first days in Sympatico. Here are some stories about the excitement of one’s first day in a Sympatico group:


“I IMG_0254was excited, and really nervous.” Juan is a 4th grader who started as a member of our Keetman Ensemble, and now plays in Strings at Sunrise. “I knew I was going to play some instruments I had never played before.” After Juan’s first day of Sympatico, he felt a sense of pride. “I felt happy for myself, and I couldn’t wait for the next day of Sympatico so that I could keep learning new instruments and new things.”


Ginny’s IMG_0255excitement for her first day of Sympatico started before she even went to her first rehearsal. “I was excited all week long!” Ginny expressed. “I drove my brother crazy because I couldn’t stop talking about how excited I was.” Ginny, now a 4th grader, was a 2nd grader at the time, preparing for her first day in Singing Eagles. She remembers not being able to sleep the night before her first day: “I was so excited! I remembered the first Sympatico concert, and I just couldn’t wait to sing with them.”

Ginny said that after her first rehearsal with Singing Eagles, she felt very happy. “I was so glad that I joined. I was SO happy, and it was SO MUCH fun. There were all these people who wanted to sing there, and it just felt great,” Ginny explained. We asked Ginny if Sympatico was everything she thought it would be; she said it was even better than she expected. “In other activities, it felt like I didn’t have a voice, or I wasn’t included. But in Singing Eagles, everyone was there. Everyone had a voice. Everyone got called on. I had a voice!”


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