Way back wednesday, take 2

A few weeks ago, we featured two of our students as they recalled their first days of Sympatico. Here are two more to share their fond memories with us!

“I was very surprised,” said Thomas. Thomas, who is now a 4th grader, started his first day with the Keetman Ensemble, and is now in the Orff Ensemble. “I was nervous. I didn’t know if I would fit in.” Thomas knew a lot of his new classmates in Orff Ensemble had been in the group for several years. Being new to the group would test his confidence in himself. By then end of his first day, Thomas could only say, “Wow!” We asked him why he chose the word “wow,” and he explained. “I didn’t know I could play instruments like that until after my first day. It made me feel proud of myself.”IMG_0102

So, what is Thomas’s advice to other kids who are nervous about their first day at Sympatico? “Just stay positive, because you could be great in Sympatico. Just think positively and know that you CAN be great.”

IMG_0101Aly was also surprised on her first day of Sympatico, but for another reason. “I didn’t know I was going to Orff until that morning.” She too felt nervous. “It felt like the first day of school. I didn’t know anyone, and I didn’t know any of the songs.” We asked Aly how she felt after her first day of Orff. “Still nervous! I didn’t know if I could keep waking up so early every day.” For anyone who may not know, Orff class starts at 7AM, 5 days a week. That definitely takes dedication. Aly says that now, she’s glad she plays in the Orff Ensemble. “I know a lot more songs now. I feel more confident. I feel like I can keep waking up every day to come to Orff.”



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